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Protecting companies from internal and external threats that will jeopardize business

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The world would be a better place without state-sponsored cyberattacks…  without criminals working to steal your data… without, every so often, one of your own employees becoming a threat. But these are realities we live with today. Proactive measures are the only option. The moment your environment is compromised, it’s already too late.  


What security or compliance regulations do you need to adhere to?


When is the last time you went through a third-party security assessment?


Do you have a security team on staff 24/7?


In the event of an attack, what policies or procedures do you have in place?


Do you have a SIEM or log management system? If so, how do you manage it?



  • Pen Test - an attempt to gain access to a network or application via simulated attack; often required for compliance such as PCI

  • Risk Assessment - the practice of evaluating an organization’s or IT environment’s current security posture with suggested recommendations for improvement; often performed in reference to a specific security standard or compliance regulation

  • Managed SIEM - a real-time, managed solution for Security Information & Event Management, designed to provide a holistic view of a customer’s environment and correlate various data sources to identify threats

  • DDoS Mitigation - a solution designed to block Distributed Denial of Service attacks from taking down a network or online application; especially relevant for businesses that do business online

  • Access Control - a technique to regulate who or what can use resources or applications on a network; can include Single Sign-On and Identity Access Management

  • Perimeter Security - a broad approach to fortify the boundaries of a network; may include firewalls, Virtual Private Networks, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention.

  • Endpoint Protection - a unified solution to protect desktops, laptops, and mobile devices; features include anti-virus, anti-spyware, and personal firewall

  • Incident Response - an organized, forensic approach to investigate and remediate a security breach; can be on-demand or via monthly retainer

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