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MR2 Services include support, management, and strategic consultation in three areas: Intelligent Data Management, Server Management and Network management.

MR2 provides high quality IT service and support for small to mid-sized companies within the Southern California region, covering from LA county down to San Diego county. Accumulating over a decade of combined technology experience, MR2 experts specialize in server virtualization, data protection, disaster recovery, project implementation, and LAN/ WAN service.

Data growth is vital issue in most businesses today, which is why it is critical to have a reliable and efficient data center. MR2 helps IT departments that don’t have enough human and physical resources to obtain an optimal solution to meet their business needs.

Cloud Based Solutions

To ensure business agility and business continuity, MR2 Solutions offers highly secure private and public cloud services that meet today’s IT challenges.


We recognize some of the business challenges that many companies go through. Many firms lack the time and resources, failing to address employees with different needs 


MR2 recognizes that security is one of most crucial and most needed technology feature in any organization. Internal complexities and external 


MR2 provides access to more than 1400 carrier-neutral colocation facilities around the globe for our customers.


MR2 has been working with seasoned IT experts and engineers that have worked with fiber, DIA, MPLA

MR2 Solutions legacy Solutions

MR2 Solutions provides solutions that are designed to store, backup and protect critical data. 

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